Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wherever there's magic and make-believe and an audience, there's theater...

I've seen this Alphabet Meme from Blog Cabins (who is, by the way, the King of Google -- I've checked) all over the place, most recently in She Blogged By Night, and I want to play too. It definitely doesn't look easy -- especially since I've only recently developed a real interest in movies, and haven't seen even a small fraction of the films generally considered to be classics. Getting one for every letter of the alphabet might take some time, but luckily I've got an English paper to procrastinate; I could sit here all night, and quite probably will. According to the official rules I'm supposed to tag five people, but since I don't think there are five people reading this I'll just skip that step.

All About Eve
Le Ballon Rouge
Citizen Kane (admitting how much I like that movie always makes me feel like a pretentious poser)
Dark Victory
Empire Records
Fried Green Tomatoes
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
It Happened One Night
Joyeux Noël
Kill Bill, vol. 1
Only Angels Have Wings
Penny Serenade
Quo Vadis
Requiem for a Dream
Some Like It Hot
Trois Couleurs: Bleu
Un Chien Andalou (cheating here, as "a" and "the" aren't supposed to count, but... come on, what starts with U?)
Wet Hot American Summer
The X-Files: I Want To Believe
Yours, Mine, and Ours (the original; haven't seen the remake and honestly have no desire to)


  1. Thanks for playing - got you linked up!

    Please please please tell me that Volcano is some sort of guilty pleasure and that there's some weird reason you love it.

    Still need to see Wet Hot American Summer...

  2. I haven't actually seen it in a long time, but I spent many many Sunday afternoons sitting around with my dad watching it on TV. I wouldn't even call it a guilty pleasure, really, just pure nostalgia coupled with the fact that... well, I can't think of any other movies beginning with V that I've actually seen.

  3. Nice selection. Good mix of various decades.

    Hey it's okay to like Citizen Kane. It's okay! The pretentious posers are the ones that don't understand the movie but pretend like they do.

    I'm with you on Yours, Mine and Ours. Why see the remake when the original is so kick-ass awesome?

  4. Love the list! I also feel that way about saying I love "Citizen Kane", because it's apparently Not Cool (tm) to like it.

  5. Don't feel guilty about enjoying Citizen Kane. I watch it about every two months. There's a reason why it is referenced so heavily. Well, many reasons.

    I'm enjoying reading your posts. With writing like this, you're sure to get top marks in your class.